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Part 1 Audio*
Part 2 Audio
Part 3 – Hands Off! Audio**

Further information and links:

Old Testament quotations are mostly taken from The Voice Bible and New Testament quotations mostly from The Mirror Bible (where available in that translation).

The music for the engagements included in the recordings is Identity in A by Samuel Lane (SML Music). Used by permission. You can stream or download this and his other music tracks via SoundCloud. [To download a track, you will need to click ‘More’ and ‘Download’ on the SoundCloud player].

*In session 1 Deb also played Kristene DiMarco’s song I Am No Victim. We do not have permission to reproduce it within the recording but you can find it on YouTube.
**In session 3 Deb refers to the Simon and Garfunkel song I Am A Rock. Find it on YouTube.