New: activations from blog posts 267-270.
These activations are audio only, and are best used in conjunction with the relevant blog posts.

Prodigal Son activation (from 267. Engaging The Father)
Psalm 23 Green Pastures activation (from 268. Beyond the Physical Realm)
River of Life activation (from 269. Into the Heavenly Realms)
Ancient Path activation (from 270. Walk on the Ancient Path)


Click on any link below to access an activation (video, as seen on YouTube).

4 Faces of God
7 Spirits of God
Courts of Heaven
Eden the Garden of God
Engagement around the Arc for mandates
Intimacy with the Father/Dancefloor/Mountain rule
Mobile court of accusation
Pathway of Relationship
Psalm 23
Releasing the Fire of God for Transformation
River of Life
Wisdom’s Heights

The following activations are taken from the Engaging God programme,
Module 7 Living Sacrifices:

Being invested as a lord – living in dual realms
Engaging at the Arc – the names of God – identity and destiny (with crystal bowl)
Living in dual realms – think and be
Enveloped with the frequency of His love (with crystal bowl)
Living in dual realms – receiving revelation in this realm – sensing connection
Ancient paths – engaging with scrolls

We also recommend these activations produced by our friends at NW Ekklesia (external link).

Engaging God

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