We are engaged in many community activities to help us fulfill our mission. These include Freedom Community Alliance, which seeks to meet the needs of the most disadvantaged in our community (including those suffering the effects of poverty, substance abuse, homelessness and poor mental health) at the Freedom Day Centre and at Croscombe Barton.
Freedom Social Enterprises is a not for profit company that seeks to develop social businesses and entrepreneurial activities.

Freedom Apostolic Ministries
The legal body that provides the foundational government for all the Freedom ministries
Freedom Apostolic Resources
Equipping and mentoring people around the world in a supernatural lifestyle
Freedom Community Alliance – a merger of
Freedom Social Projects
Demonstrating God’s love to disadvantaged people in
our community in practical ways to help transform lives and
Freedom Communities
A therapeutic community supporting people with drug and alcohol dependency issues.
Freedom Social Enterprises
Recycling and other small businesses that provided
work experience, volunteering and job opportunities.

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Sign up today to ‘Engaging God’

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