Welcome to the RoAT3 Zoom page

Information about how to join the Zoom meetings is posted below. If you ordered a ticket a week or more in advance, we will also have confirmed this information by email.

Go to zoom.us/join (or open the Zoom application* on your device and click ‘Join a meeting’).
Enter the following credentials:

Meeting ID: 702 924 1689
Password: roat3

These credentials will ONLY work during the event, from a little before 7pm BST on Thursday 17th June 2021 (a few minutes before the first session begins) until it finishes on Sunday 20th at about 10pm BST.

Sessions will run on Thursday evening and Friday to Sunday mornings, afternoons and evenings UK time (UTC+1) – scroll down to see details of the full ROAT 3 schedule. Catch-up is available if you miss anything (see below).

The information above should be good for every session. In fact, we will aim to keep the zoom meeting room open throughout the conference even when sessions are not in progress. If we need to change the credentials for any reason, we will notify you via email and update the information on this page.

If you are using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, please ensure you have your microphone muted before entering the meeting. On other devices your microphone will be muted automatically.
Please only unmute yourself when you have something to say, and remember to mute your microphone again afterwards.

*If you have never used Zoom before on your device, you will probably need to download the Zoom app ahead of time. Check out this brief introduction to Zoom from Age UK: how-to-use-zoom-for-the-first-time.

Speaker gifts

As in previous years, we invite you to consider making a gift to our speakers.

Give to Jonathan Cavan (Liebusters)

Give to Lindy Strong

Give to Mike Parsons

Give to Nancy Coen (opens Global Ascension Network trade/gift webpage).
If you have a PayPal account, you may send your gift for Nancy direct to Globalascensionnetwork1@gmail.com


The streaming video recording is normally ready on the live stream page a few minutes after each session ends. So if you miss any sessions, you can catch up on there – but during the actual event be sure to return to Zoom again when live sessions are in progress so that you can take a full part in them.

We intend that catch-up will remain available indefinitely.


Downloadable video and audio recordings will be added to the live stream page during the week following the event.


Times shown are in British Summer Time (UTC+1).
Please use an online time zone converter to find the times in your own location.

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