If you are a member of the RoAT2 email sharing group, you may download the latest version of the members list here: Version 4 20200911 (PDF)

You will need the password to open the file once you have downloaded it.

If you are part of the group but do not have the password, you will find it (a string of 12 numbers and letters, with no explanation) at the foot of the RoAT2 recordings page on this website. If you do not know how to find that page, please email admin@freedomarc.org and, without mentioning the password anywhere in your email message, ask us to direct you to the RoAT2 recordings page.

Each time you download a new version, please delete and destroy any copies you have of previous versions of the list, since people may ask to be removed as well as added.

Please be especially careful with other people’s email addresses. This list is password-protected for everyone’s security. If you save it or transmit it to your other devices, do not remove the password protection.

You may use these email addresses to contact any or all of these people to discuss matters relating to the restoration of all things and other topics discussed or alluded to during the RoAT2 event.

You may NOT use this list for any other purpose.

You do NOT have permission to share this list with anyone outside of this group.