At Freedom, we have a range of resources designed to help you find and fulfil your destiny in God.

Sons Of Issachar blog

Since September 2011 we have been posting Mike’s teaching on our Sons of Issachar blog. Designed for those who prefer to read rather than listen, series include God’s Prophetic Timetable, Preparing For Destiny and Transformation

Recommended media

Books, CDs, DVDs and other resources you may find useful


Each Sunday afternoon (UK time) we post that week’s teaching or message (if there is one) from our Sunday morning meeting in Barnstaple. You can access this from the church homepage or from our Apostolic Resources website. It is is normally only available for one week.

We also offer the first session of each teaching series from our archive free of charge to everyone.
All recorded teaching is free to church members, who can access it by visiting our Members Area (church members will need to ask us for a password for this).

YouTube Channel

In 2013, Mike began using Google Hangouts to mentor small groups around the world. They cover all kinds of subjects, including encounters with God, intimacy and relationship, heavenly courts, the government of God and personal transformation. On the YouTube Channel you can find video recordings of these arranged into playlists.

Freedom Apostolic Resources website

A resource for anyone pursuing a deeper spiritual life based upon an experiential knowledge of God.

Useful Documents

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