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20 Sessions – digital download

God wants His whole church transformed, metamorphosed, transfigured, changed, conformed into the image of Jesus, just as He always intended; not patterned, moulded, conformed to the world.

He is looking for us to be revealed as sons. Will we choose to co-operate with Him, or not?

In this series Mike looks at the reasons why we need transformation, considers how we may feel when God is at work in us, and takes us through dealing with sin, transgression and iniquity.

Topics include: Blood lines – Covenant – DNA – Iniquity – Sacrifice – Seed lines – Sinful nature – Trading



Originally taught at Freedom Church, this series comprises 20 downloadable mp3 audio sessions of around 35-40 minutes each, with accompanying pdf slides.
There is a YouTube video of session 1 only.