Our vision is to help each Church member to find and fulfil their personal vision and destiny

Free to Know

who God is

Free to See

who God destined us to be

Free to Be

who God created us to be

Free to Do

what God has prepared for us to do

Free to Go

where God has destined us to go


To see our community transformed by being a people who love and serve God, each other and the community, supporting and encouraging each other to discover and fulfil our visions, callings and destinies by making disciples and to see God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


We are engaged in many community activities to help us fulfil our mission. These include;
Freedom Community Alliance (Freedom Social Projects and Freedom Communities) which seeks to meet the needs of the most disadvantaged in our community; those suffering the effects of poverty, substance abuse, homelessness and poor mental health at the Freedom Day Centre.
Freedom Social Enterpris
es which is a not for profit company that seeks to develop social businesses and entrepreneurial activities.


  • Wholeness is a result of physical, emotional, relational and spiritual healing
  • Individuals have the right to make their own choices

  • Individuals have the right to be treated with dignity and respect

  • Individuals should be empowered to reach their potential

  • Individuals should be given the opportunity to change

  • Individuals have the right to receive quality support and care


Church is an expression of the love of God to a lost and hurting world.

Our project activities are important to fulfil our mission but we need to go further and be a church for the 21st century. Our understanding of church is constantly being challenged.

1. The Church God intends is not what we have received from tradition. It is not buildings or meetings but vibrant, dynamic relationships of people actively involved in the process of transforming their community by being salt and light 24/7

2. God is shaking the very biblical foundations of “church” as we know it Heb 12:26-29. So that what remains will be the living stones of 1 Pet 2:5 joined to the cornerstone of Jesus 1 Pet 2:8 fulfilling its destiny to be the Chosen race, Holy nation and Royal priesthood of 1 Pet 2:9 expressing God’s kingdom values 24/7 to a world in darkness.

3. The shape of church will be governed by the 24/7 active participation of each member as they become the creative expression of the image of God. As each individual is transformed into the image of Jesus from one degree of glory to another they enable community transform.

4. Church is not just what is seen for a few hours each Sunday or at our Day Centre but is all of our lives demonstrating Jesus 24/7, this goes beyond the congregation through marriage, relationships and work.

5. Each person’s creative identity is the key that will unlock the future expression of Church. Therefore each person’s active participation as church will occur as they creatively express their own vision and fulfil their God inspired purposes.

6. We are called to be a “Fishing Community” who fulfil Jesus’ call to follow Him and become “fishers of men”. Each persons active participation as a contagious Christian is vital.

7. We are all of equal value to God, therefore the cleaner is as valued and important as the preacher and the welcomer is as important as the person ministering prayer. Church is not for spectators but for participators.

8. It will be as each person actively participates (Eph 4:16) that the Church will grow, be built up in love and develop its unique shape, be at the heart of the community and express the values of God’s Kingdom. This type of church will transform our community.