Who can apply

Please complete the form below if you are an existing member of the Engaging God programme and wish to be included in a new ‘Engaging God’ group hosted by Mike Parsons.

We expect this opportunity to be be oversubscribed. We will assign places to existing members of the Engaging God programme in the first instance on a first come, first served basis.

This opportunity is ONLY available to subscribers to the Engaging God programme. If you are not a member, you can sign up at https://freedomarc.org/freetrial but please understand that this opportunity of meeting with Mike is intended primarily for existing subscribers. Other similar opportunities may open up in future.

*You may wish to consider becoming a Patreon patron instead. Mike hosts a group Zoom every month for all patrons and meets individually with those who subscribe to the One-to-one tier of patronage.


Except by prior notice, all meetings are expected to take place once every 4 weeks. We do not yet have a firm start date.

All times are local times in the designated US/Canada or UK time zone.

YOU DO NOT need to be resident in the time zone, country or region implied by the name of the group, as long as you can regularly make the times specified (but please read the important note about daylight saving time below).

Daylight saving time (or its equivalent) is used at certain times of the year, and the time of the group meeting will reflect this. For example, if you belong to the Thursday 6am Eastern US group, it will normally meet at 6am EST but will meet at 6am EDT during the months when Daylight Saving is active. Similar time changes will occur in every group. This means that if you live elsewhere and your country or state changes its clocks at a different time of year (or not at all), you will need to allow for this time change.