The following YouTube video links were made available ‘live’ during the event on Saturday September 24th 2016, and we intend the recordings to remain available here afterwards too.

Because of technical difficulties on the day, the audio on these videos is not as clear as we would have liked, but it is better on sessions 2-4 than on session 1.

Please scroll down for audio-only recordings which are of better quality, particularly when Mike was speaking himself.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4


Below are the audio and PDF files from the day of the summit,
followed by the recordings from the previous three days.

These files are not yet edited and cleaned up but we will do this as soon as practical.

National Summit (audio and PDF)

Session 1 Audio PDF

Session 2 Audio PDF

Session 3 Audio PDF

Session 4 Audio PDF


Heartbeat of Heaven conference, Kearney, NE.

Session 1 Audio PDF

Session 2 Audio PDF

Session 3 Audio PDF [The first part of the session is missing from the audio]

Session 4 Audio PDF

Session 5 Audio PDF

Session 6 Audio PDF

Session 7 Audio PDF

Session 8 Audio

Session 9 Q & A Audio

Session 10 Audio PDF