This is the blueprint we have received from God for everything we do here at Freedom.
Our foundation is God. He is at the centre.

We are in transition from a more traditional structure. This is not easy. Currently we aspire to having a group of 10 individuals, out of whom will emerge those who are to function as a foundational bench of 3 and a bench of 7. In addition, there will be others who administer the mountains.

4 Guiding Visionary principles:
We are an ARC and as such we have the wider mandate to raise up and equip a Joshua Generation
We are to live in and live out the manifest presence of God (engaging in heaven and living it out in this realm.)
We are to help people find and fulfil their destinies (to rule in their God-given spheres).

5 Free to be statements:
Free to know God (and who I am)
Free to see who God destined us to be (the reality from the perspective of my eternal destiny scroll
Free to be who God created us to be
Free to do what God has prepared for us to do (all I was created to do) way beyond the present limitations of this earth
Free to go where God has destined us to go (where I was created to go) way beyond this earth, into all the dimensions

Ministry Areas:
Kingly, Prophetic, Apostolic, Priestly (governmental, prophetic, legislative, priestly)

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