Releasing Toxic Emotions

Seminar with Kari Browning

This event is now concluded but the recordings will remain available here indefinitely.


To download the video, audio and PDF files, please right-click on each of the links below and choose ‘save link as’, ‘save target as’ or the equivalent to save the file to your computer. If you left-click the links instead the files may open but this will NOT save them to your device.

Releasing Toxic Emotions Session 1 Audio PDF Video
Releasing Toxic Emotions Session 2 Audio PDF Video
Releasing Toxic Emotions Session 3 Audio PDF Video

Extra recordings

While Kari was with us she also spoke on two Sunday mornings:

The Voice of the Sign Audio PDF Video
Father Wound Audio PDF no video


In case of any difficulty please email

You might also find this music track helpful: Releasing Trauma by SML Music