Please read the “about us” and “ministries” sections of this website this will give you plenty of information about Freedom Church. After you have listened to the Roots and History and latest Church vision messages and wish to take the next step you can request to attend a Discovering Belonging session where any further questions can be asked. The series Ekklesia Rising 2014 is a 12 part teaching series that shares in depth the apostolic blueprint that we have been given for kingdom governmental authority.

If you are not local we have many people around the world that consider themselves part of our Church family so don’t let that put you off.

Downloadable Resources

Roots & History January 2011

Session 1                                                          Audio             PDF

Session 2                                                         Audio              PDF

November 2011 Vision

Church Chat                                                   Audio              PDF

Destiny 2014 Vision                               Ekklesia Rising download