Our general mandate

  • To connect heaven and earth to release eternal destiny
  • To release heaven’s sounds and frequencies into the created order
  • To equip to encounter and experience true reality, heavenly intimacy, freedom, transformation, progressive revelation
  • To release heavenly and earthly legislative government
  • To help to equip lords, kings and sons to engage their heavenly positions of governmental authority
  • To equip them to rule God’s house, have charge of the heavenly courts and access and influence the councils and assemblies of God
  • To release heavenly blueprints and mandates
  • To administrate the times and seasons by aligning the circle of the deep
  • To produce and provide resources that will enable the sons of God to answer creation’s groan and be manifested on the earth

The focus in this present season is on reaching, releasing and equipping the Joshua Generation

Everything we do is relational, not structural. We are not trying to form a new stream; there is no hierarchy involved, just relationship.

Our 7 sub-mountain spheres of authority are:

  • Resources
  • Consultation
  • Discipleship and mentoring
  • Ekklesia
  • Government and legislation
  • Regions, Nations, Continents
  • Cities of Refuge (Embassies of Heaven)

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