Recent video recordings

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The Restoration of All Things – Introduction Video (2019)

Sons Arise! 6. Expanding Our Reality – Introduction Video (2018)

Sons Arise! 5. On Earth as in Heaven – Introduction Video (2018)

Sons Arise! 4. Living In Dual Realms – Introduction Video (2018)

Sons Arise! 3. Sons Invested and Enthroned – Introduction Video (2018)

Sons Arise! 2. Into The Dark Cloud – Introduction Audio only (2018)

Sons Arise! 1. Engaging The Father – Introduction Video (2018)

Older audio teaching

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Quantum Vision                        Prophetic Timetable

Kingdom Realms                     Glory Realms – Ian Clayton 2012

Preparing for Destiny              Ambassadors

Kingdom Prayer                       Guildford 2012 conference

Destiny 2013                            Glory Realms – Ian Clayton 2011

Transformation                       Totnes Ministry School 2013

Inheritance                               Supernatural Workshops

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