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  • Engaging God


    Four teaching sessions on making a ketubah with God.
    mp3 audio download.

    In a Jewish marriage, the ketubah outlines the duties of the bridegroom towards the bride.

    What is it we are expecting of our relationship with God?
    Do we trust Him to fulfil everything He has promised?

    This teaching is included in Engaging God, our modular equipping programme for the Joshua …

  • Historical Teaching

    Ambassadors of Heaven 2012

    God calls us to be ambassadors: to represent heaven on earth, with the full authority of heaven backing us up; to be like Jesus; to do the things that Jesus did; and to demonstrate the power of the kingdom to transform lives today.



  • Domestic Teaching

    Realms of Glory Conference 2011 with Ian Clayton

    Ian Clayton conference hosted by Freedom Church in August 2011.

    Includes 10 sessions downloadable mp3s

  • Overseas Teaching

    Establishing the Government of God

    ‘Your kingdom come’ is more than just a familiar phrase from a well-known prayer. It is the business God expects us to put in hand.

    Government will be set up in fractal patterns, reflecting the structure of heaven.  Each time, someone has to engage heaven as the royal priest and bring heaven to earth as an apostolic prophetic foundation.

    Around the world, …

  • Overseas Teaching

    Deep Calls to Deep

    When God recognises something which looks like Him, He can invest authority into it. That is why the church has to change how it looks, because He is not going to invest authority into something which does not look like Him.

    There are no special people above other special people. We are all uniquely special, and the apple of God’s eye. …

  • Engaging God

    Discovering destiny

    Note: This series is also included in our Engaging God subscription programme – click here for details.

    This is the third in the destiny trilogy. A 6 part series  that covers how to discover, lose and waste your destiny. It also includes identifying and dealing with alien destiny and satan’s trophy room.


  • Historical Teaching

    Prophetic Timetable 2012

    3 Teaching sessions delivered by Mike Parsons at Freedom Church summarising the revelation received in a heavenly encounter to prepare the church to be ready for what is to come.

  • Overseas Teaching

    Deep Calls To Deep 2 – Establishing the Government of God (Atlanta 2015)


    People came from across the USA in May 2015 when Mike again visited Atlanta GA. These sessions pick up on the themes of the original Deep Calls To Deep series from 2014 and apply them to the establishment of heavenly government on the earth.

    11 sessions.

    Please note: This series contains similar content to ‘Establishing the Government of God in the Pacific Northwest’.



  • Overseas Teaching

    Becoming The Joshua Generation – NZ, 2017

    In March 2017 Mike visited New Zealand and spoke at 4 different locations on ‘Becoming the Joshua Generation’.

    A total of 26 audio mp3 files, most with accompanying PDF slides.

  • Engaging God

    Destiny Identity

    Note: This series is also included in our Engaging God subscription programme – click here for details.

    This 6 session series is the first part of a trilogy that follows on from the Inheritance series to reveal our individual inheritance – destiny. The first part deals with identity the journey from slavery to …

  • Engaging God

    Inheritance 2013

    Note: This series is also included in our Engaging God subscription programme – click here for details.

    Teaching  by Mike Parsons delivered at Freedom Church in 2013 that explains both our earthly and heavenly inheritance. It further explains the characteristics of the Joshua Generation who are being raised up to mentor the next generation in a …