Freedom Apostolic Ministries

Freedom Apostolic Ministries* has a mandate to gather, connect, impart and release a worldwide Joshua Generation of forerunners who will mentor the next generation into the fullness of sonship.

We look to fulfil that mandate by offering the Engaging God subscription programme and various other resources to those who hear and respond to God’s call to be part of that Joshua Generation.

Engaging God

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Learn how to access God through Jesus who is the Way, Truth and Life, in the realms of heaven and within your own spirit and heart; and how to take up your responsibility as a mature son or daughter in God’s kingdom.
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The Restoration of All Things events

We have hosted conferences on the topic ‘The Restoration of All Things’, with Mike Parsons and his guests Nancy Coen, Lindy Strong, Justin Paul Abraham (2019-2020) and Jonathan Cavan (2021).

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Mike’s second book is also entitled The Restoration of All Things.

Vision Destiny 2022

Each year for the past several years, Mike has issued a FREE video series sharing his journals of engaging with God on a daily basis. Vision Destiny 2022 is the latest (and last) of these. Click the image above for more details, or check out the recordings from all available years.

My Journey Beyond Beyond

Mike Parsons’ autobiographical record of deep calling to deep, the pursuit of intimacy with God.

The restoration of a Father and son relationship – Hearing the voice of God, seeing in the spirit, travelling in the spirit – Exploring supernatural dimensions to access the heavenly realms and engage with the angelic realms – Legislating in the courts and assemblies of heaven – Integrating soul and spirit, deconstructing and renewing the mind – Expanding consciousness, searching for quantum reality.

Available from local and online booksellers worldwide. Find it on your local Amazon site, or search for ‘My Journey Beyond Beyond’. UK £12.99 / USA
Also on Kindle.

Sons of Issachar blog

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*Freedom Apostolic Ministries is an expression of the apostolic mandate of Freedom Church, Barnstaple, UK. Freedom ARC (Freedom Apostolic Resource Centre) is a trading name of Freedom Apostolic Ministries Ltd.

Freedom Church is a transitioning new order ekklesia, exploring authentic practical expressions of God’s original intent and purpose for the local and worldwide body of Christ. We do not have conventional Sunday meetings – this pre-dates Covid-19.

Freedom Community Alliance is a charity set up by Freedom Church to demonstrate the heart and love of God in our local community, especially towards those suffering from the causes and effects of social exclusion.