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Freedom Church is a group of ordinary people from diverse origins and backgrounds but with an extraordinary destiny who have joined together to share this common vision.

We have a passion for revival, to serve the purpose of God in our generation and to see the glory of God fill the earth. We are called to do the works of Jesus and even greater works by administering God’s kingdom rule.

We believe we can live in the dual realms of heaven and earth and therefore are able to manifest the rule of God’s kingdom in and through our daily lives.

Freedom Church is free and independent and yet is in relationship with local churches. We are actively involved with Churches Together in Barnstaple and other joint initiatives. We consider ourselves to be just part of the church in North Devon. Our heart is to see a unity of relationship and cooperation developing amongst the churches leading to God’s commanded blessing of revival.


Freedom Church’s mandate is to establish and expand the kingdom of God,
on earth as it is in heaven:


We are called to be a Regional Apostolic Centre, equipping people in supernatural ministry. We are establishing an Apostolic Resource Centre (ARC) to outwork this calling. We desire to freely give away what we have freely received.