‘Sons Invested and Enthroned’ Conference set (June 2018)

£36.00 inc. VAT

Sons Arise Conference #2 – Sons Invested and Enthroned
with Mike Parsons

Sessions and topics include ‘Engaging the Courts’, ‘Governmental Sonship’, ‘Enthroned’, ‘Position’, ‘Legislating as Sons’, ‘Expanding our boundaries’ and ‘Q & A’

The video recordings were made from a single camera in front of the speaker and (except the Q and A sessions) include the slides which accompany the presentation.

Now available to stream or download.

Note: If you subscribe to our Engaging God programme, you may choose instead to purchase this Intensive set from the Engaging God website. Log into the Engaging God site as usual and select ‘SA! 03 Sons Invested and Enthroned set’ from the modules page (it may be on page 2). The cost is the same but the Intensive content will be delivered there in the familiar Engaging God format. You will also have access to exactly the same page of resources as you would get by purchasing the set here.


Image attribution:
The two hikers image is copyright Błażej Łyjak via 123RF Stock Photo. Used by permission.
The crown image is by skeeze via Pixabay. Used under Creative Commons CC0.