Releasing Toxic Emotions Seminar Recordings with Kari Browning

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On Friday 3rd August and Saturday 4th August 2018 we were delighted to host internationally renowned speaker Kari Browning, teaching on this topic for the first time in the UK.

When our body is vibrating at its optimum frequency, we are in a state of health. When our frequency is lowered due to stress, toxins, and trapped emotions, different parts of our body become disharmonious and we enter into a diseased state.

Toxic emotions are often the source of emotional pain, relational difficulties, and physical illness.

By releasing toxic emotions you will come into a place of rest for your soul and health for your body.

The technique Kari uses to release toxic emotions involves prayer, the laying on of hands, and the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Audio, video and PDF

The recordings comprise downloadable edited versions of the sessions as mp4 videos, mp3 audio-only files and PDF versions of Kari’s slides presentation.

The video recordings were from a single camera positioned in front of Kari and are split-screen to include the slides from her presentation.


This seminar is an introduction to the subject, not a substitute for Kari’s online certification course.

Friday Seminar Topics

  • Holistic Healing – Spirit, Soul, and Body
  • Trapped emotions and health issues
  • Early childhood trauma
  • Causes and effects of wounding
  • Breaking generational programs
  • Overcoming Addictions

Saturday Seminar Topics:

  • Restoration of the ancient paths
  • My journey into quantum physics
  • Redeeming energy medicine for the Kingdom of God
  • Healing oils of the Bible
  • Releasing toxic shame
  • Healing the nervous system
  • Releasing Toxic Emotions (RTE) technique
  • Rewriting your story