‘Into the Dark Cloud’ Intensive set (April 2018)

£72.00 inc. VAT

Sons Arise Intensive #1 – Into the Dark Cloud
with Mike Parsons

Audio and slides.
The video for each session comprises Mike’s slides synced with audio soundtrack. No video recording was made at the event.

Please note: to get the most out of this intensive set you will need to set a considerable amount of time aside to engage with God for yourself as well as to listen to the sessions. It is not a traditional ‘teaching set’ that you can listen to session after session while driving or on the train!

Going into the dark cloud involves a process of transformation (a.k.a. metamorphosis or transfiguration).
The dark cloud is a description of where the person of God dwells for us to engage.

Sessions include;

  • Engaging the 4 chambers of the heart –
    Dance Floor, Soaking Room, the Bridal Chamber
  • Ketubah writing and Marriage Ceremony
  • Crucibles and Judgement seat – Fires of Transformation
  • Healing Father wounds
  • Redemptive Gifts
  • Soul Core issues and Separating and Reintegrating Soul and Spirit

All sessions include a video file, an audio file and PDF slides which you can choose to stream or download.

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