Establishing the Government of God

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‘Your kingdom come’ is more than just a familiar phrase from a well-known prayer. It is the business God expects us to put in hand.

Government will be set up in fractal patterns, reflecting the structure of heaven.  Each time, someone has to engage heaven as the royal priest and bring heaven to earth as an apostolic prophetic foundation.

Around the world, people have responded to God’s call. This teaching was delivered in the Pacific Northwest but offers a pattern which will be followed elsewhere, until God’s kingdom fills creation.

Allow your spirit to resonate even if you don’t understand all that is shared here.

17 sessions: around 25 hours of presentations, answers to questions, and activations (opportunities to engage with God).

Please note: This series contains similar content to‘Deep Calls To Deep 2 – Establishing the Government of God (Atlanta 2015)’.





‘There will be schisms and divides on the maps of men, but on the maps of heaven there will be great movement towards oneness and harmony for the affairs of the nations’.

In May 2015 Mike travelled to the Pacific Northwest of the USA. This series is compiled from sessions in Seattle WA, Vancouver WA and Corvallis OR.