Deep Calls to Deep

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When God recognises something which looks like Him, He can invest authority into it. That is why the church has to change how it looks, because He is not going to invest authority into something which does not look like Him.

There are no special people above other special people. We are all uniquely special, and the apple of God’s eye. We all have different calls and different responsibilities in our lives, but when we come around the presence of God, we get to be creatively involved in His business. He uses us to outwork His purposes.

14 sessions: around 18 hours of presentations, answers to questions, and activations (opportunities to engage with God) in Mike’s familiar relaxed, conversational style. As he says, “I’m just sharing what my life is like!”





A sound from heaven is drawing us – into a whole new dimension of relationship with God.

In July 2014 Mike travelled to the USA and Canada. This was the first conference at which he spoke, hosted by Peter Honsalek and recorded at a number of different venues in Atlanta, GA