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    2019 Restoration of All Things recordings – Intensive set

    These are the recordings of last year’s event with
    Nancy Coen,
    Justin Paul Abraham,
    Lindy Strong and
    Mike Parsons

    Recorded June 4th – 8th 2019

    This unique event exceeded our expectations in every way! This was an unprecedented opportunity to consider the issues around this topic in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere, honouring one another, valuing one another’s views and opinions, learning from one another and acknowledging …

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    RoAT3 Online Conference – Recordings

    Mike Parsons, Lindy Strong, Nancy Coen and Jonathan Cavan in live teaching and discussion from ‘The Restoration of All Things 3’ online event, 17-20 June 2021.

    You will receive a link to a private web page where you can immediately stream or download the recordings on demand.

    All mp4 videos and mp3 audio-only versions will remain available for you indefinitely. The original …