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  • Historical Teaching

    Quantum Vision

    The spirit realm is reality, the physical realm is the shadow…

    Resonating with the frequency and sound released  from heaven.

    4-part teaching series by Mike Parsons, recorded at Freedom Church, Barnstaple, in March 2011.

  • Historical Teaching

    Supernatural Workshops 2012

    Digital download.

    Practical exercises for engaging God in the heavenlies.

    From the basics of building your spirit and meditation
    to seeing with your spiritual eyes and protocols of engaging the realms of heaven.

    The sessions contain practical exercises with music, and questions and answers.

    Four 2-hour Sessions

  • Historical Teaching

    Kingdom Prayer 2012

    Teaching sessions by Mike Parsons delivered at Freedom Church and Living Wells Church

    Explaining how to access and administer the courts and thrones of heaven.

  • Historical Teaching

    Supernatural Workshops 2011

    Engaging your spiritual senses

    Practical teaching workshops delivered by Mike Parsons at Freedom Church in 2011

    Building your spirit to engage heaven 1.01

    6 Sessions

  • Historical Teaching

    Ambassadors of Heaven 2012

    God calls us to be ambassadors: to represent heaven on earth, with the full authority of heaven backing us up; to be like Jesus; to do the things that Jesus did; and to demonstrate the power of the kingdom to transform lives today.



  • Historical Teaching

    Prophetic Timetable 2012

    3 Teaching sessions delivered by Mike Parsons at Freedom Church summarising the revelation received in a heavenly encounter to prepare the church to be ready for what is to come.