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    Vision Destiny 2019

    Digital download (mp4 video, mp3 audio, PDF slideshows)

    “God IS Love… it’s His nature, it’s who He is. He can’t be anything else. He’s NOT part love and part something else. He is ALL Love for ALL. And EVERYTHING He does flows out of Love.”

    Twelve messages by Mike Parsons from January 2019. A review of 2018 and what to expect in 2019.

    These downloads …

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    2019 Restoration of All Things recordings – Intensive set

    These are the recordings of last year’s event with
    Nancy Coen,
    Justin Paul Abraham,
    Lindy Strong and
    Mike Parsons

    Recorded June 4th – 8th 2019

    This unique event exceeded our expectations in every way! This was an unprecedented opportunity to consider the issues around this topic in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere, honouring one another, valuing one another’s views and opinions, learning from one another and acknowledging …

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    The Restoration of All Things 2 – Going Deeper

    Video Recordings

    Streaming and downloadable mp4 videos and mp3 audios now available.

    From June 18th-21st 2020, Nancy Coen, Lindy Strong and Justin Paul Abraham joined Mike Parsons to present ‘The Restoration of All Things 2 – Going deeper’ live online.

    During the event we heard from each of the four keynote speakers in a range of teaching, discussion, and Q and A settings.

    The …

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    RoAT3 Online Conference – Recordings

    Mike Parsons, Lindy Strong, Nancy Coen and Jonathan Cavan in live teaching and discussion from ‘The Restoration of All Things 3’ online event, 17-20 June 2021.

    You will receive a link to a private web page where you can immediately stream or download the recordings on demand.

    All mp4 videos and mp3 audio-only versions will remain available for you indefinitely. The original …

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    ‘Expanding our Reality’ Intensive set October 2018

    Sons Arise Intensive #3 – Expanding our Reality

    Audio, slides and video.

    Please note: to get the most out of this intensive set you will need to set a considerable amount of time aside to engage with God for yourself as well as to listen to the sessions. It is not a traditional ‘teaching set’ that you can listen to …

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    Releasing Toxic Emotions Seminar Recordings with Kari Browning

    On Friday 3rd August and Saturday 4th August 2018 we were delighted to host internationally renowned speaker Kari Browning, teaching on this topic for the first time in the UK.

    When our body is vibrating at its optimum frequency, we are in a state of health. When our frequency is lowered due to stress, toxins, and trapped emotions, …

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    Meditation For Rest

    “I did not set out to create a 7-step meditative exercise, I just discovered that I was doing this myself. You can use this as a way of bringing yourself to a place of rest and to live from a place of rest; but I would encourage you more to use it as a basis for developing your own process.”

    Mike …