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This week: Mystic Mentoring Thursday 4th February 2021 US Eastern

‘I am totally in agreement with some of the causes people have but I am totally in disagreement with the methodology that they are using to see those causes come about because they are using the same spirit that is behind the cause in the first place to try and destroy the cause and therefore all you are doing is strengthening it and not being a message of truth to bring change.’ 

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This session contains the following subjects:

  • Peace be still
  • The light of truth
  • Deception
  • Value and identity
  • Wisdom and oil

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Vision Destiny 2021 – free series

The tide has turned, the balance has shifted, and momentum is increasing;
everything feels brighter, more expectant of hope being fulfilled from the flow of the tree of life.
Joy is rising, fuelled by hope, strengthening love’s bonds within the unified field of existence.
It feels like the groan is becoming a laugh.
It is but a faint, barely perceivable change, but it is there:
hope restored is rippling through creation like leaven permeating the dough.
Mike Parsons | Vision Destiny 2021 #visiondestiny #visiondestiny2021
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