These are the links to the audio, PDF and video files for each session.

The presentations in sessions 1-5 were delivered separately to the different groups. The audio and video versions found here are representative of those presentations, but may not be identical to ones you may have participated in yourself. From session 6 onwards, the same presentation was made to all groups.

This series is probably concluded now, but more links may be added here in future.

If you have a fast internet connection, you may prefer to download
a zip file of sessions 1-7 (audio and PDF slides only) here: Legislation Sessions 1-7 zip (438 MB) and
a zip file of sessions 8-11 (audio and PDF slides only) here: Legislation Sessions (204MB)

These are large downloads and may take several minutes, depending on the speed of your connection. We will add more zip folders containing more sessions as appropriate.

If you have a slower internet connection, or for sessions not yet available in a zip folder, please right-click each blue ‘Audio’ and ‘PDF’ link below and choose ‘Save link as‘ or ‘Save target as‘. If you left-click an audio file instead, it will begin playing in your browser, but this will not download it.

Once you have downloaded your files, you can transfer them onto your other devices (iPod, phone, tablet etc.). Please do not share these files or links outside Freedom Church and the Engaging God community.

Session 1.
           Audio  PDF slides  Video  Exercise (audio)
Session 2.
           Audio  PDF slides  Video  Exercise (audio)
Session 3.
           Audio  PDF slides  Video  Exercise (audio)
Session 4.
           Audio  PDF slides  Video  Exercise (audio)
Session 5.
           Audio  PDF slides  Video  Exercise (audio)
Session 6.
           Audio  PDF slides  Video  Exercise (audio)
Session  7.
Framing Desire
           Audio  PDF slides  Video  Exercise (audio)     
Session 8.
Courts 1
           Audio  PDF slides
 Text-style PDF
 Video  Exercise (audio)
Session 9.
Courts 2
      Audio PDF slides
Text-style PDF
Video Exercise (audio)
Session 10.
      Audio  PDF slides Video Exercise (audio)
Session 11. Framework        Audio  PDF slides Video Exercise (audio)
Session             Audio  PDF slides  Video
Session            Audio  PDF slides  Video
Session            Audio  PDF slides  Video      
Session            Audio  PDF slides  Video