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  • Historical Teaching

    Supernatural Workshops 2012

    Digital download.

    Practical exercises for engaging God in the heavenlies.

    From the basics of building your spirit and meditation
    to seeing with your spiritual eyes and protocols of engaging the realms of heaven.

    The sessions contain practical exercises with music, and questions and answers.

    Four 2-hour Sessions

  • Vision Destiny

    Vision Destiny 2021

    The great shift we are experiencing will have great impact, beyond most people’s understanding, and will be the catalyst for the restoration of all things.

    2020 has been a year of great shifting and shaking, but the Father warned me to prepare for this back in 2018, and I’ll say more about that warning in this series. With lockdown and less …

  • Engaging God


    Four sessions on mp3 audio with PDF files and links to unlisted YouTube videos.

    How to engage with the court system of heaven, including a protocol for accessing the Court of Accusation.

    Please note: this series is included in our Engaging God programme.

  • Domestic Teaching

    Realms of Glory Conference 2012 with Ian Clayton

    Ian Clayton conference hosted by Freedom Church August 2012.

    11 sessions of downloadable mp3s and PDFs

    Engaging the government of heaven.

  • Vision Destiny

    Ekklesia Rising – Vision Destiny 2014


    We are learning to align ourselves with God’s purpose for us as forerunners in a time of transition, letting go of old things and embracing the new. In particular, we have adopted a new apostolic order which faces opposition from the old pastoral form of church government.

    16 messages delivered at Freedom Church at the beginning and end of 2014, including sessions on engaging …

  • Domestic Teaching

    Totnes Supernatural Ministry School 2013

    Practical teaching and workshops sessions by Mike Parsons.

    Delivered at Marketplace Ministries Totnes in 2013, enabling people to engage in the spiritual realms of the kingdom of God.

  • Historical Teaching

    Kingdom Prayer 2012

    Teaching sessions by Mike Parsons delivered at Freedom Church and Living Wells Church

    Explaining how to access and administer the courts and thrones of heaven.

  • Historical Teaching

    Supernatural Workshops 2011

    Engaging your spiritual senses

    Practical teaching workshops delivered by Mike Parsons at Freedom Church in 2011

    Building your spirit to engage heaven 1.01

    6 Sessions

  • Engaging God

    Destiny Redemptive Gifts

    Note: This series is also included in our Engaging God subscription programme – click here for details.

    The second part of the Destiny trilogy:

    How we are wired up by God to help us fulfill our destinies.

    Download only.

  • Engaging God

    Preparing for Destiny

    Note: This series is also included in our Engaging God subscription programme – click here for details.

    12 sessions of audio teaching (with PDF slides) by Mike Parsons, delivered at Freedom Church in 2011/12.

    How to prepare to outwork your eternal destiny to rule in the heaven and manifest heaven on earth.



  • Engaging God

    Kingdom Realms 2011

    Note: This series is also included in our Engaging God subscription programme – click here for details.

    God intends us to have access to the realms of heaven right now, to be raised up to occupy dimensions of rulership so that we can bring heaven to earth.

    • We can engage with God in our own heart …
  • Vision Destiny

    Vision Destiny 2022

    Mike reflects on his journals of engaging with God in 2021.
    12 sessions available July 2021, with more to come.
    Audio and video versions with PDF slides and printer-friendly text-style PDFs.

    As always with these Vision Destiny series, it is completely free of charge to stream or download.