Freedom Church is located in Barnstaple, Devon, UK.

If you have been attending our meetings locally and are now ready to get more connected, then the next step is to ask about our introductory groups, ‘Fresh Start‘ and ‘Belonging‘.

Fresh Start‘ will help you begin to engage in the heavenly realms and to experience God for yourself.
Belonging‘ will introduce you to who we are as a body of believers, and give you opportunity to ask any questions you may have about what it means to be a member of Freedom Church.

Being part of Freedom Church is about being and making disciples who are willing to pursue intimacy with God and their heavenly eternal destinies.
Our calling is to be part of, to raise up and to release a Joshua Generation.
Our desire is to live in a culture of honour where we can be open, honest and supportive of each other.

Not in North Devon?

Although this Freedom Church website is intended primarily for those who live in North Devon UK and who can be part of the local body, we do recognise that many people around the world are already connecting with us. We are not sure how membership at distance might work, since we cannot offer the same kind of fellowship, relationship or support that you would expect from a local church, but we are open to exploring what we can actually do that would be of value. If you would be willing to work with us to explore this, please contact us here.

Our interactive ‘Engaging God‘ subscription programme is available worldwide. Please check it out at where you can get your first two weeks free!